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We make story-driven and roleplay focused D&D and #TTRPG actual plays on Twitch, YouTube, and everywhere podcasts are available.

100 Club – Ep. 11 – Mac and Cheez

The crew investigates the bodega where the shooting took place.

In the year 3073, the Sol System is a very different place, but a lot of things remain the same. We are vastly out of our depth, people will do whatever they can for a credit, and we are still trying to stay alive. With gangsters, corrupt cops and politicians; the authorities can barely contain criminals throughout the system. They seek out those morally gray individuals who are looking to earn some credits and bring them in. There are a select few amongst these bounty hunters that achieve the prestige to bring in the really big bounties…

Join our cast of roleplayers in a homebrew setting of Scum and Villainy for a stylish, sci-fantasy tabletop roleplaying game show.

Featuring: DomesticDan, Ezekiel_III, Fhaelin, Stellaluna, Techniq, and Wacksteven: GM of DOOM.

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100 Club – Ep. 11 – Mac and Cheez