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How far would you go to uncover the truth? In this Cypher System based show; we enter the universe of Horizon Zero Dawn, to follow a team of explorers travelling west across a post-apocalyptic US for answers. What will they do with the secrets uncovered?

Guest GM
Forbidden Lands is a cypher system homebrew campaign set in the world of Horizon Zero Dawn. It is created and GMed by guest GM DomesticDan.

Amelia Tyler
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More From Domestic Dan

Dan's first GMing series, Reaper Relay, featuring a significant portion of the Forbidden Lands cast. Reaper Relay is a four episode adventure set in the Mass Effect universe.

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Cypher System

Forbidden Lands uses Monte Cook's Cypher System and has been homebrewed to fit the world of Horizon Zero Dawn. It’s fast, narrative-focused, and super easy to prep for and GM. Check out the free primer, now!

Cypher System Rules Primer

The Cypher System Rules Primer gives you a quick but complete overview of the Cypher System rules, to learn, teach, or simply have handy for quick references. And it’s free!

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