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The Nexi Sunbearers – I Still Dream (Part 3)

Hello travellers, PB here. I’d like to welcoming you again to the world of GONE. Earlier this summer, we did an offline patron one-shot that turned into a the shot that I had running in tandem with GONE. With everyone’s blessing we’re releasing the episodes for you now to enjoy. The events took place just after Rekon and Blake reached Nataku and the decisions these characters made effected the events in GONE.

I’d like to give a special thanks to XentiirTV for the rendition of Mother’s theme that you’re hearing now, which you can find at, A’an for creating some of the tracks heard in these sessions, from their Bladerunner remaster album Off World, which you can find at

And without further ado, let’s return to Nibiru.

Featuring BrutalBri, PhilsGaming, Zcotticus, and tantamounttotinytim.

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  1. Seems like Part 3 has the audio for Part 2 uploaded as of 1/19/21.
    Either way, the entire cast is great and I’ve listened to the entire show during slow shifts at work. Next on my list is Nocturne. Thanks for putting out such an amazing podcast for us to enjoy!


The Nexi Sunbearers – I Still Dream (Part 3)