The World of Lacrin

Final Fantasy meets D&D in the world of Lacrin, an original 5e homebrew setting by BradWOTO. Darkfire, Dying Order, and Dust Vale are three long, epic adventures that take place centuries apart. On the surface Lacrin may appear to be the same as any other world. Just a set of continents surrounded by vast oceans. But scratch the surface and you’ll discover a wealth of stories just waiting to be told.

Creator & Easy Going-GM
Brad, nicknamed the Easy-Going GM, is known for his narrative approach and blending influences from Final Fantasy and other JRPGs into traditional D&D. He's been GMing for five years and nearly all of his campaigns take place in the homebrew world of Lacrin.

Dust Vale
A western style setting with trains, guns, summoning spheres, vampires and the legend of Raja the Red. The continent of Dust Vale is a boiling hot desert at the centre of Lacrin. Great canyons, mesas and sand dunes ruled over by corrupt chancellors and a mysterious emperor. A ragtag group of adventurers are set a simple task but find themselves caught up in a rebellion that will take them across the desert and beyond.

Dust Vale is a 43 episodic campaign set after Darkfire, on the continent of Dust Vale.
Set in the powerful and idyllic continent of Thelmecia shortly after a one hundred year long war. Four people find themselves on the wrong cart at the wrong time when they are charged with the task of saving Thelmecia (and perhaps the world) from the rise of a terrible and ancient evil.

Darkfire is a 49 episodic campaign set before Dustvale, on the continent of Thelmecia.
Dying Order
Lacrin finds itself on the edge of an apocalyptic event, foretold centuries ago, and an ancient prophecy connects four strangers chosen by the gods to enter into a race to save all life on Lacrin.

Dying Order is a brand new episodic campaign set at the end of the world, and airing now.

More In Lacrin


The Silver City
Dwarves in the temple district have been going missing and it's up to our new adventurers to find out why...

The Silver City is a 3 piece audio special.


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