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We make story-driven and roleplay focused D&D and #TTRPG actual plays on Twitch, YouTube, and everywhere podcasts are available.

Nocturne Bonus 4:30 Special

A two hour cast round table discussion about the show, their characters, and their favorite moments so far, and most importantly- a thank you to all the Nocturnals out there for your love and support of the show thus far. Thank you for venturing into the Darkness with us.

(Spoilers for up to episode 10!)

What if you could no longer determine what in the world around you was real or not real? What would you give to get that certainty back? Nocturne is a mature, supernatural thriller Unknown Armies tabletop RPG actual play about what lurks in the darkest places. Featuring ClassyKatie, ClassyPax, DomesticDan, Ezekiel_III, KatiePetersPlays, and narrator Pumpkinberry.

Nocturne airs live every Wednesday at 5pm ET on We can also be found on Twitter:, Youtube and Patreon:, and our very own

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