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We make story-driven and roleplay focused D&D and #TTRPG actual plays on Twitch, YouTube, and everywhere podcasts are available.

Tablestory Presents – Zero.Blue.Orion

A group of test subjects emerge from chamber pods to discover a lot more time has passed than they initially signed up for.

Zero.Blue.Orion is a comedic anime-style mecha show using the Lancer RPG system and follows several test subjects as they try to stop an impending disaster that could undo thousands of years of work.

Featuring Mythematic, helloitskolo, FistofTheWalrus, BradWOTO, Pumpkinberry, and GM of Doom Wacksteven.

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  1. Killian Gemalsky

    June 10, 2020

    Hey, just wanted to send a compliment out to you guys for the phenomenal content. I have currently mainlined Witchcraft & Wizardry and Zero.Blue.Orion as well. I was also just checking to see if either of these series are still on going. Thank you for your time and your hard work. Keep safe, stay nerdy.


Tablestory Presents – Zero.Blue.Orion