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Dying Order is a D&D5e homebrew campaign set in the world of Lacrin. Four will be chosen. The fate of the world rests on their shoulders.

as Easy-Going GM
Dying Order is an episodic fantasy show in the D&D5e homebrew world of Lacrin. It is created, developed and produced by Tablestory resident GM BradWOTO.
as Beau Bobo
as Aura Oakfall
as Ellie Elian
as Suuna Saewe
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Enjoying Dying Order and would like more? There are three more adventures in the world of Lacrin from the mind of BradWOTO.
Each campaign & mini-campaign, while in the same world as Lacrin, are separate stories and can be enjoyed in any order.

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Dust Vale is a 43 episodic campaign set after Darkfire, on the continent of Dust Vale.


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