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Midsummer Mysteries – Ep. 6 – Home

Items in hand, the crew seeks to repair that which is damaged, but can they do so with enemies all around them?

Midsummer Mysteries will involve a week at an English country estate for Midsummer. All sorts of Bohemian people with all sorts of secrets will arrive to attend the first society event thrown by the mysterious Lady Mejbel from…Sweden (?), the new wife of the aging Viscount Bainbridge. She has announced that the highpoint of the event will be a steam powered bicycle race through the old forest at night with the prize being bragging rights, a write up in the London Times, and a bottle of a rare mead…..what could go wrong?

Starring Pumpkinberry, Mirggles, Drakoniques, BanzaiBaby, and guest GM TrooperSJP

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Midsummer Mysteries – Ep. 6 – Home