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We make story-driven and roleplay focused D&D and #TTRPG actual plays on Twitch, YouTube, and everywhere podcasts are available.

Featured Series

You've been accepted to Hogwarts.
Witchcraft & Wizardry
Witchcraft & Wizardry is a magical adventure in the world of Harry Potter using Tablestory's very own ruleset by the same name. Join us in the halls of Hogwarts as we follow the adventures of students trying to make their way into the Wizarding World and find out what adventures and mysteries lay before them.

Tuesdays 4pm EST on Twitch
Your favorite actual play on the Citadel.
Reaper Relay
Reaper Relay is a intergalactic adventure in the Mass Effect universe using a 2d6 powered by the Apocalypse skin known as Apocalypse Effect. Join four Spectres and their Krogan for hire as they try to unravel a mystery before it's too late.

Saturdays 8pm EST on Twitch
Four will be chosen. The fate of the world rests on their shoulders.
Dying Order
Dying Order is a D&D 5E homebrew fantasy drama about four heroes racing against time and the gods for a chance to save the mortal realm.

Sundays 4pm EST on Twitch
Giant mechs, spandex, & lots of nutsauce.
Zero.Blue.Orion is a comedic anime-style mech show using the Lancer system and follows several test subjects as they try to stop an impending disaster that could undo thousands of years of work.

Mondays 4pm EST on Twitch
Gods, Oathbreakers, & Exploading Caltrops
As deeply divided civilizations fight for might and territory, this D&D 5E tale joins a ragtag group trying to fulfill their destiny despite the challenges thrown at them by gods, monsters, and men.

Thursdays 4pm EST on Twitch
Time loops, alternate realities, & dark magic.
What if you could no longer determine what in the world around you was real or not real? What would you give to get that certainty back? Nocturne is a mature thriller about what lurks in the darkest places.

Wednesdays 5pm EST on Twitch
What would you do if you were trapped inside your favorite game?
Simulacrum is a sci-fi -fantasy show in which the players try to survive in “the World’s First Virtual Tabletop RPG” Numenera: The Ninth World.

Fridays 7pm EST on Twitch
What would you do for power?
Darkfire is a twisty D&D 5E homebrew fantasy drama full of intrigue and powerlust that follows four adventurers bound together by a mysterious deity.

Tuesdays 5pm EST on Twitch

One Shots, Mini-Series, & Audio Adventures

The Last Transmission
A crew of UWC Wardens have arrived on the outskirts of the Kuiper Belt to investigate a troubling last transmission from the captain of the mining vessel, the Aspen. Almost right as they arrive, they quickly realize that there might be a bigger force at play than they are prepared to deal with.

The Last Transmission is a 3 hour, one shot adventure in the Void Core system and premiering gamemaster KatiePetersPlays.
The Silver City
Before Dust Vale there was Darkfire, but before Darkfire there was the Silver City. Dwarves in the temple district have been going missing and it's up to our new adventurers to find out why...

The Silver City is a D&D 5e homebrew 3 part audio special adventure brought to you by gamemaster BradWOTO.
In The Black
Hauling cargo ain't easy, especially after the scream. People looking for a payday can find one, but not without a whole lot of risk. Spike drives flare hot like tempers while specks of life hurl themselves across the sector, all in the black.

In The Black is a three part home-brewed space western in the Stars Without Number system featuring gamemaster Bluejay.

Latest Podcast Versions

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  • 03 min
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  • January 6, 2020
  • 02 min
While the group is further interrogated; Elisa prowls about trying to find them and runs into more problems than she bargained for. Luka meets his more..

Darkfire – Ep 43 – The White Colossal

  • December 31, 2019
  • 02 min
The party consider their options when a huge and powerful white orc stands before them and a dangerous combat encounter begins. Spell and sword clash more..


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